V&A: “Digital Design Challenge”


Digital Design Challenge
By Alex Flowers, Digital Programmes Manager.
David Jane

David is a painter, sculptor and printmaker from London whose work has appeared in a number of galleries, including the Welcome Collection. After an experience of suffering encephalitis which caused a loss of memory and speech, he turned to the scans of his brain for inspiration and to understand how the incident could be communicated and understood.

Inner Landscape 32  copy

The works submitted are purely digital in final form but started their life as paintings combining pigment with wax. David then photographs the paintings and works on them digitally, manipulating and layering the images until they become something new. These layered digital paintings create pictures inside pictures, refracting spaces and fading environments, mimicking memory and our imperfect recollections.

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110x75 cm
Inner Landscape 32 copy 28
IMG_13 copy 6
Drawing -Inner Landscape 1i copy 3

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