Self Portrait – Wax

Working with Wax.

Swiming copy











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Self  portrait 3
Self  portrait 4
Self  portrait wax
Self  portrait
Swiming copy
Untitled centre copy
Untitled lelt copy
Untitled right copy
Untitled-5 copy
Wax 1 copy
Wax 1
Wax 2 copy
Wax 3 copy
Wax 9 copy
Wax 9(B) copy
Wax 9(C) copy
Wax 9(F) copy
Wax 9(G) copy
Wax 9(H) copy
Circle copy
Mixed  5 c
Wax 1  copy
Wax black copy
Drawing Wax
Triptich left copy
Triptich right copy
Drawing Painted 2


             From Painting to wax.



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